Others - Floral Tape Vine Green ( rare )

Floral Tape Vine Green.
Rm 3.00 per roll.

Tools - Large Metal Ball Tools / Dumb Bell

Tools - Large Metal Ball Tool
Price - Rm 30

Cutter- Cymbidium Orchid

Cutter Cymbidium Orchid.
Price - Rm 26

Cutter - Vanda Miss Joqium

Vanda miss Joqium
Price = Rm 28 perset

Cutter - Frangipani flower

Frangipani Flower Cutter Rm 16

Cutter- Monstera Leaf Cutter

Medium : Left Side in Picture Rm 31
Small : Right Side in Picture Rm 28

Cutter- Hybrid Phalaenopsis Orchid

Hybrid Month Orchid = Rm 28

Cutter - Diamond Jublee Rose Cutter

Diamond Jublee Rose / Open Peony Cutter = Rm 26
Picture of Peony taken from

Cutter - All Purpose Rose Cutter

All Purpose Rose Cutter = RM 38

Veiners - Squires Kitchen.Diamond Paste & Aldaval Veiner.

This is Pre Request Import Items ( PRI). Place your order with any 4 PRI products. For those who very urgent to get Squires Kitchen veiner, you can get it from ICCA Malaysia.
To see the full range of veiners for flower and foliage, just visit A Piece Of Cake Thame. Look on the veiners under Great Impression SK Leaf or Flower. Visit same page to check Diamond Paste Veiner and Also Aldaval Veiner.

For further information on price and products contact shahcakes@yahoo.com

Designer Lace Mould.

Designer Lace Mould.

Visit our page for more info on products and prices.

Modelling Tools -PME

Modelling Tool PME.

Bone tool, blade & shell tool, ball tool,scallop comb tool,serrated tapered tool, taper cones 5/6 star tool,
bulbulous cone tool, flower leaf shaper or dresden tool. size app 15cm ( 6 inch)

This is Pre Request Imported Item ( PRI ) Order the tool with any 4 PRI product.

Price Rm 27

Dust Color - Edable Art.

Edable Art Dusting Color For flowers and Foliage.
This is Pre- request Imported Item ( PRI ). The minimum Order is 5 pots of colors from this full range of color scheme. Once you place your order . we will prepare International Order for you. You will get within 2 -3 weeks.

Rm 22 per pot
Pictures derived from http://www.suikerkunst-shop.nl

Stamen - For Rose.

This stamen can be painted or dusted with dust or paste color.

Price Rm 4.00 for 12 bunches.25 stamen for 1 bunch.

Stamen - All Purpose.

This stamen can be painted with paste color or dust with powder color.

Rm 4.00 for 12 bunches, 25 stamen for 1 bunch.

Stamen - Yellow Chocolate

Suitable for filler flower such as fuschia, tuber roses etc.

Rm 3.00 for 12 bunches, 25 stamen for one bunch.

Tylose Powder

Super grade with extra fine Tylose . Used for making flower paste , modelling paste, etc. Tylose is another name for CMC, Tylopur, Tylo and Cellogen. The difference is based on the chemical grade that may differentiate the elasticity , viscosity and stretchy of the paste.

Rm 45 per 100 grm.

Confectioners Glaze.

Hi quality Confectionery Glaze .Glaze your gumpaste leaf and see the difference.
Contain Alcohol as stabilizer

Rm 38 per 100ml.

Flower Pad - PME.

PME Mexican Flower Pad. 2 in 1 Blue pad with hole and . Plain White Pad.

Size: White plain pad 195mm (7.5") x 195mm (.5") x 18mm (0.75"), Blue mexican hat pad 195mm (7.5") x 195mm (.5") x 12mm (0.5"), .

Rm 28 per piece.

Non Stick Sheet

Non Stick Sheet , can work as a green rolling board.

Rm 12 per piece

Flower Rolling Pin

Small Rolling Pin . Flatten the paste very fine and thin.

Rm 16 per stick.
Size= 6.5 inch x 1 cm.

Magical Flobric Paste.

This is 3 in 1 sugar modelling paste designed for ultra fine sugarflower and foliage, modelling figurine and also for fabric effects on cakes such as bows, ribbon and frills. This homemade paste is made by combination features of Flowerpaste, modelling paste and mexican paste. The paste is easy to work with and doesn’t dry out too quickly . Its suitable for hi- humidity.

Price RM 35 for 600grm

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